Sunday, September 4, 2016

Healthy Ageing

Healthy Ageing - Healthy Senior Image

In comments to a newspaper article about my book, Murder Your Mortgage in 7 Years, someone wrote,

"Lad looks well for 45 - maybe he could write a book on that as well, give us all some hope!"

Great compliment! I write about this and loads other things in my new book, "Things You Shouldn't say out loud"

Book - Things You Shouldn't Say Out Loud

Here's my quick 7 point take on healthy ageing.

1. I think like a child! 

I have a playful attitude and love pranks. Somehow I just don't feel like an adult! I also love acting on any crazy ideas that pop into my head and carrying them through, without the "it'll never work" or inhibitions of adulthood. My Melvyn Bragg video is an example. I also try not to care what others think. If an idea excites me, I grab on and do it!

2. I exercise regularly. 

Older guys often put on weight. The free exercise classes with Our Parks is a godsend. On a time and money budget there's Fitnessblender on YouTube and Sworkit on my phone. I walk everywhere and love cycling. I have a £150 foldable rower in my shed.

3. I look after my skin. 

I don't spend a great deal of time in the sun, though I've changed my idea on this: vitamin D is important. So protect your skin from harmful rays. I use a face moisturiser with sun protection.

4. I watch what I put into my body

It's clear that smoking and drinking age people and the damage must be proportional. I drink water. I try to listen to my body as I get older. It's telling me I don't need to eat so much these days and discipline when peckish is good. I'm also finding I like fish and salads.

5. I'm trying to sleep more.

Sleep is where your mind and body do repairs. If I sound like a goody goody so far, this is where I've messed up. It's showing in my eye bags!

6. Education

Education - whether it's reading a self-help book, doing a course, learning an instrument or dance - I think is part of the reinvention of self. It will also help your brain change & grow.

7. Relationships

A longitudinal study found that relationships were the common denominator in long-term happiness and health.

See more Basic Instinct type thoughts like these on a range of stuff like beauty, capitalism, women and pop music in my new book "Things You Shouldn't say out loud

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