Saturday, February 13, 2016

Terrorism doesn't bother me much

Donald Trump says, “shoot first, talk later”.  

US presidential candidates make big statements about terrorism. Americans are alarmed about terrorism. We’re terrified about terrorism. 

I’m not. 

In fact, I’m not worried about lots of headline grabbing terrors. Why? Because terrorism or murderers aren't going to kill you or me. Have a look at these UK government stats:

Terrorism doesn't even make the bottom of the list, but it grabs all the headlines. Worrying about terrorism makes as much sense as you and me worrying about how to spend lottery money. Don't worry about ISIS, worry about your heart. 

What about your kids? Maybe child abduction, stabbing or some other headline grabbing cause is your major concern? Well have a look at this:

Homicide is in there, but stats suggest we should be more concerned about drivers (near 20,000 injuries to young people) than the child catcher. Doesn't make the headlines though, does it?

Low probabilities make the headlines and cause fear, but high probabilities don't so much.


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